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About Sehjas Homes

Our Humble Beginnings…

Sehjas Homes was established 5 years ago in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada by a couple with the aim of building not just a “house”, but a “home”, where a family can live happily and comfortably, while enjoying their fruits of labor. Since then, the company has been servicing the said place, including the neighboring areas, and the number of happy clients has tremendously increased over the years.

What We Dan Do for You…

We can help fulfill your dream of having your own home – built to your satisfaction.

Our team of home builders has long years of experience in building single family houses as well as duplexes. So whatever type of home your heart desires, we will hear you out. Our company understands that every family has its own needs when it comes to a home, and so we strive harder every single day to meet and even exceed those expectations.

Here at Sehjas Homes, we also cater to developing custom homes on demand. Do you want to have more than just a traditional home? Let us know, and our team of experts will lay out the plan. We carefully consider every detail of our project no matter how small they seem to be. We strongly believe that these little things, when paid close attention to and carried out the right way, will certainly make a huge difference.

Our company specializes in developing basement legal suites too. If this is something that you want, but you are unsure of how you would like this haven to be designed and put together, there is nothing to worry about as our excellent home builders will guide you every step of the way. Furthermore, you can rest assured that we are up to date with the local building codes and bylaws, and we will ensure that this addition to your home will qualify as a safe suite.

Our Passion…

It is our passion to design floor plans and build homes tailored to the specific needs of our clients. We see to it that every home we construct will turn out not only to be appealing, but also functional. We guarantee the quality of our work, and this is the number one thing that has helped us gained recognition in the home building community.

Our company understands how valuable time is, and we know that you want to move to your new home as soon as possible. That is why we employ the services of a team that is proficient in construction. We are punctual in delivering our projects, but we never compromise the quality.

Sehjas Homes is here to help you put your dreams into reality. It is our mission to build a safe heaven for you and your family at a very reasonable price. With the right people by your side, you will get to choose the floor plan and home designs that suits your requirements. So if you are on the market searching for an excellent team that can build your dream home, work with us and you shall be able to get the best things that home building has to offer.

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