Amazing Ideas for Your Custom Home Renovation

Change is the only constant, and with the fast-moving world and day-to-day changing lifestyles, the home decor styles and trends have changed fast. Most Canadians prefer futuristic homes with work-from-home requirements, smart application controls, and terrace and balcony gardens. As per one of the renovation statistics from 2020, 80 percent of Canadians considered home renovation in the year 2020. Home renovation and home remodeling trends have significantly changed due to the pandemic over the last couple of years. As per a survey conducted by statistica.com, nearly half of the surveyed Canadian homeowners planned to spend up to 10,000 Canadian dollars on home renovations in the year 2021. The same survey suggested that almost a quarter of homeowners had plans of spending up to 25,000 Canadian dollars. With the right home renovation plan, you can formulate an effective and comfortable working environment for yourself. Create your own comfortable and organized workstation in your home with the right modifications. As per a survey conducted by RE/MAX Canada, around 17 percent suggested that they wanted to customize their homes and go for home remodeling to accommodate the life during the lockdown. It is important to understand what exactly is a custom home renovation.

Let us quickly understand what exactly a custom home renovation is and what are the best ways for designing a custom home.


Custom home renovation simply means designing the house and remodeling it to suit your needs. It means renovating your home by abiding by your desired accommodation plan according to your needs and latest designs. The demand for custom home builders and remodelling contractors has significantly increased in the pandemic because people have realized that upgrading and redoing your home’s decor with the best modifications is essential, especially during times of pandemic. Home renovation allows you to peel off the old layer of houses and gives a fresh feel and look to your home.

Let us dive into the list of new trends and ideas that will help you design a custom home.


  1. WORK FROM HOME STATION: Try to include a comfortable and organized workstation with good internet connectivity inside your house. It must have enough drawers and organizers that will help in maintaining your files and documents.
  2. USING THE EXTRA SPACE UNDER THE STAIRS: You can always convert your stair space into storage cupboards to utilize the ideal area in storing different objects.
  3. TURNING LAWN IN SITTING: You can use the edged lawn area in extra sitting, with comfortable chairs around or swings to enjoy on a sunny day.
  4. WALK-IN SHOWERS: Well, if you are looking for spacious bathrooms, you can induce a walk-in shower with no curbs or doors to give a fresh and airy look.
  5. LANDSCAPING: It is always welcoming to include a lively garden or landscape scenery in the exteriors of your house.
  6. IGHTS PLAY THE ROLE: Turn your interiors classic with welcoming lights. Good lighting is a vital aspect of any happy home.
  7. UPGRADE THE KITCHEN: Install the new kitchen equipment, which helps in simplifying the daily kitchen tasks.
  8. PLAY WITH COLOURS: Modify the house with a uniquely elegant and classic colour scheme and enhance the interiors by creating a new vibe.
  9. SHAPING THE GAME: Try new shapes of furniture or decor objects to change the look and feel of the house and grab the visitors’ attention.

Let us see why home renovation is helpful to us.


Over the years, the craze of home renovation has increased as people have understood that modifying what they already have is comparatively cheaper than buying something they desire. According to the statistics report provided by carney properties, ordinary people choose to renovate their homes after 15 to 20 years. Perhaps if you have lived in your home for more than 20 years, then, yes, it's time for customizing and remodelling. Renovating your home will give your house the new upgrade it requires and enable you to install the latest technology products that will help ease your regular chores. Renovations formulate new vibes and positive energy to your new home. With the proper scheme of colours and coordinated designs, you can give your house a fresh and flourishing look. As per statistics carried out by the budget dumpster, the sum of money spent on an average home renovation must not exceed the par of 10 to 15% of the total house value for a single room.

Upgrading the entire house and home remodelling is not an easy process. You need to focus on various aspects such as:

  1. Budgeting for home renovation
  2. Scrapping out the old structure
  3. Mapping the new plan and understanding the pros and cons of designing the new structure
  4. Construction

Home renovation or home remodelling requires skills, expertise and aiming for perfection. You can not adequately transform your thoughts into reality with just a local helping hand. The most professional remodelling contractors and custom home builders perform the job impeccably while designing a custom home. The profound remodelling contractors are much aware of the industry trends, pros and cons of custom planning and will significantly help renovate your home. SEHJAS HOMES has got one of the most prominent, competent, and customer-friendly professionals. You can browse through our website for a better view: www.sehjashomes.ca, and get assistance from a competent team of professionals. Experience prompt and neat home remodelling. For more information, visit:www.sehjashomes.ca/custom-homes. If you have any doubts, questions or queries, do not hesitate to drop us an email.


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