Customer services Standards

At Sehjas Homes, we give utmost importance to customer service. Each member of our team lives by service excellence as a core value. You can then expect transparency from us. And in every step that we take, rest assured that you will never be left behind.

We work with your needs, and it is you who has control over the entire process. We deliver what you require, and that is how we treat you as our valued customer. It is our mission to build your new home to your satisfaction. To ensure that, the process involves:

verifyKnow what you want

Once you have decided to build a home, you should have an idea of what exactly you want to be built. You can browse through our portfolio and select a floor plan that suits your needs. But if you are still unsure of some things and you can’t really decide, our crew will be more than willing to help you out.

verifyWe listen to you

During our initial meeting with you, you will discuss to us how you would like your future home to look like. At this stage, you can expect a lot of questions from our team as this is our way of having a better understanding of what your goals are. We then take down notes that will serve as our guide once we start planning.

verifyWe tell you the cost

After gathering all the needed information from you, our crew will then lay out the plan and determine how much the project will cost. Again, we would like to reiterate that we want to be as transparent as possible, so if there are things that you would like to clarify, particularly when it comes to the budget, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

verifyWe set the timeline

The timeline depends on how big the project is, but rest assured that we will provide you with an idea of how long it will take us to complete the construction. This should also help you out in planning ahead.

verifyWe start the construction phase

As soon as everything is in place, we don’t waste time. You can expect us to start with the construction of your home following all your instructions.