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Here at Sehjas Homes, we completely understand that building a new home is a long process that may be confusing to some future homeowners, especially those that are going to construct a home for the very first time. With that said, we strive to educate each and every client as to what they can expect from us as well as the building process itself.

questionWhat makes Sehjas Homes different from the other homebuilders in Edmonton ?

Sehjas Homes’ team has a great passion for excellent home designs. This, along with the professional expertise, of our home builders contribute to the successful construction of a home that is tailored to your needs. We value our clients’ choices, and we ensure that we follow through the things that you want to be implemented as far as the designing and building are concerned.

questionWhich one is better for my family, a regular home or a custom home ?

The answer to this actually depends on your needs. But first, you have to understand the difference between a regular home and a custom home. Simply put, the traditional ones come with limited choices when it comes to the materials as well as the number of details, whereas custom homes come with more specific. So if you are looking into a home that is more functional, then a custom home will be more suitable for you.

questionHow big of a house can I build on my property ?

In certain places in Canada, there are laws that govern the size of a home that you can construct on a certain lot. But we can assure you that no matter how big or small the maximum square footage is, we will certainly help you maximize the space.

questionHow long will it take to build my new home ?

First, we need to determine the type of home that you want. Is it a single family home or a duplex? Would you like a regular home or a custom home? Obviously, a custom home will take longer to construct than the other types.

We also need to consider the size of a home that you require as well as how detailed you want it to be. Once we know your specific needs, we shall be able to generate a timeline.

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