We follow a detailed process

Constructing a home according to a client’s specifications is a tedious process. Our team is detail-oriented. First, we listen to your needs, and then we will carefully design the plan considering all the details, even the smallest ones. We ensure that we follow proven and cost-effective steps that will lead to the best possible outcome.

With thoughtful planning and a detailed process, Sejhas Homes has been building beautiful homes for years. We have exceeded the expectations of each of our clients, and our crew can do this to you too.

We have the right experience

Sehjas Homes has been serving the Edmonton area for 5 years already as of this writing. You may find some firms that have been in the industry a lot longer than that, BUT experience is NOT ONLY about the number of years that a home building company has already been in business. It doesn’t only revolve around the number of houses built either. What matters most is the experience in the home building itself as well as planning and supporting the entire process.

When you work with our company, you can expect that we will sit down with you, and together we will come up with the best plan to create your dream home. We have perfected taking every little steps, and that is the best experience that our company can share with you as we construct the home of your dreams.

We guarantee customer satisfaction

The number of customers that we have worked with may not be as high as that of the other home building companies in Edmonton, BUT we have a long list of HIGHLY SATISFIED CLIENTS.

For every project that we take on, we treat it like our very own. We build it and turn it into a masterpiece. And throughout the process, we always keep in mind the needs of our valued clients. You tell us. We listen. We plan and implement accordingly. We work with you. That is exactly how we guarantee customer satisfaction.